License key interrupts engraving :-(

i just purchased a license for lightburn and inserted the license key and activated the software… the big problem is that i did this while i was engraving an important grid on my baseplate and it interrupted the engraving WTF!!! now it wont let me resume!! It has ruined my baseplate!!! i’m really livid, this is a huge disappointment with my recent purchase… how the hell can this happen on such important things??? Engravings can’t be reversed…

Really annoyed… :frowning:

Depending on your circumstances there are ways to recover a job. LightBurn recently released a video that shows this:
How To Restart An Incomplete LightBurn Job - YouTube

If you feel like these techniques don’t apply to your situation then can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn showing your design and a photo of the current burn?

…why are you doing 2 completely different tasks simultaneously in one and the same program?

1 Like are you having a laugh? one has nothing to do with the other and this should not happen… thats bad software design

Thank you but none of that worked

Can you elaborate? Provide details as to what’s happening and what’s preventing it from working. As-is, the description doesn’t provide meaningful information to help resolve the situation.

A full screenshot of LightBurn and a photo of the current state of the burn would be useful.

The solution you sent didn’t work because it caused the laser to disconnect and i was unable to reconnect…

At what point is it doing this? This seems an unrelated problem to the fix.

Have you seen this behavior previously? Make sure that you don’t have any other program possibly occupying the serial port.

Like i mentioned at the very beginning this happened when i entered the activation key i had just purchased, i was engraving happily away and the activation key caused the disconnect and subsequently ruined the engraving…
There is no other software using USB at all nor did i have anything else in USB at that point…

Timing may be coincidental. Activation wouldn’t somehow hold the port. It’s also possible that the laser is in a broken state after being interrupted. Can you try resetting the laser if you have a reset button, else try power cycling.

the only way was power cycling which inevitably sent the laser head back in its home position. Prior to turning on i disabled the “auto home” function in Lightburn which failed, it returned home when i connected to Lightburn again :frowning:

If the controller was not responsive then position would have been lost in any case. If your machine is configured to home on power-on the LightBurn setting for auto-home on startup won’t change that. It will only not re-home when LightBurn connects to the laser via serial-usb.

Note that power-on and connection are discrete things. If the machine homes on all power-on it will do so irrespective of connection. LightBurn “auto-home on startup” setting only changes the behavior at connection time.

Having said that, are you now in a position to recover the job?

No, I’m serious and certainly don’t mean to offend you.

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Remember the old TV commercials from Romco? SET it! and FORGET it! - until the job is done. Really, not worth a screaming fit over a piece of wood.

Flip it over and use the backside for your baseplate.

The problem is not the software, I promise you that.


Beetje dom om 2 dingen gelijk te doen :laughing:

Kind of silly to do 2 things at once

Hold up everyone, while we all may have had experiences with doing more than one thing “issues” before, LightBurn should not be doing this. We have checked the code and are currently discussing internally to determine what might have happened and how to ensure this is not the case moving forward.

Everyone, might be a good time to breathe, while we look into this further.

Thank you

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When you enter a license key and activate it, there are things that might become enabled that weren’t before, so we do an “internal reset” and reload the device list, in case that list contains devices you weren’t allowed to use with your previous license config.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone ever entering their key while a job was actively running, but we’ve discussed this internally and agree that we should probably make LightBurn smart enough not to let you do this, and tell you why.

We’re going to make that change, and give you a 1 year renewal as an apology for screwing up your engraving.


Renewal added. :slight_smile: You should now see this addition to your key.

We understand frustration. We understand. We have all used similar expressions, but please keep in mind, this is an All-Ages forum, and these types of comments can be off-putting, and are not helpful to solving or finding resolution. Please play nice.


Making changes to the base software during something important like a laser run is a big NO NO. Anything major like that should be done when a run is done.

Installing an updated version of LB overwrites the installed version …which was running your burn…so the install wipes out your settings and / or stops the burn and overwrites the full application.
Installing the update does not create a separate app with the updates and leave the older version working.