License Key Lost

Hi -
I was trying to get my license key off of my computer to transfer it to a new laptop. I found another post explaining how, but it doesn’t show my key number. Now I’m deactivated on that machine and don’t have the key for the new machine.

First, we prefer working License issues via email, as we want to avoid sharing personal information here in public. :slight_smile:

Looking into our systems using your Name and Email address used here, I do not find you. If you purchased your LightBurn License with the Aeon Laser, look at the material they supplied for the key, or you may need to contact them directly to recover, as we do not have access into their systems.

Once you have the key, we can associate it with your contact information, and you will be able to look up and manage licenses in our self-serve management portal. Please email us with this information and we can help sort in private.

I also emailed but hadn’t heard back. I will contact Aeon. Thank you!

Oh, thank you, but under what name / email? I am only seeing your email from a few months ago.

Edit: Found it. Sent under a different email address.

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