License key Ruida 6442S


i have a CO2 laser with RDC6442S-B (EC). Will the license work with this board?


If you mean the LightBurn program itself, then the answer is yes. But I know nothing about your license, if you bought it with the machine it should probably work. But there is no guarantee. - I want to buy a license from Lightburn. I don’t have a license with the machine. I’m just wondering if the license I buy from Lightburn will work on the RDC 42S on my machine?

As far as I can see, your controller is a 4 axis and dual head controller, is that for the purpose? The only thing you need to be aware of when buying LightBurn is that you need to buy the DSP version, but you probably know that.

My laser has one head and 3 axes. Maybe the RDC 42S is intended for two heads, but I have one. I saw that Lightburn works with a ruida controller so I will buy a DSP license.
@ thanks for the help.


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