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I am changing out the PC that my laser runs on. I realized I was not active on my license so I paid the $30 and now the license is no longer showing up in my portal. It was in the portal prior to the $30 payment. Now I cannot deactivate my old PC so I can add this one.

Please help

Is it possible that the email address you used for the renewal is different than what you’re logging in with?

Also, you shouldn’t have needed to update the license to move computers. You should have been able to install the last valid version with your existing license. Also, the license generally allows for 2 computers to be activated on the same license.

Do you actually get an error indicating that you’re out of activations? That means the license portal still sees the old activation somehow.

Send a screenshot of the error message but do not show your license key.

Yeah, somehow it switched to my other email address.

Thank you, all good now.

It switches to whatever the email address you gave us when you paid for the renewal, assuming that is your preferred / current address, in an attempt to keep it current.

People often purchase keys from resellers, so when they renew, we take the opportunity to redirect to the email address given, so it becomes assigned to them.

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