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I’ve just purchased a new Windows computer and will eventually be using it for Lightburn. How do I activate the new copy of Lightburn that I downloaded to the new computer? I’ve been using an Apple MacBook Pro but don’t really understand MacBook products.
I’ve checked through my mail for the original activation key that I bought when I bought the JTech laser and evidently was a little too efficient in deleting old emails, so I don’t have that number any longer.
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Thank you for your post. You will need to reach out to the nice folks at JTech, where they can look up your order and provide you with further assistance.

Our resellers purchase bulk sets of licenses from us and manage the distribution process. As such, I am sorry but we do not have access to their systems for key recovery.

When you communicate with them, you can also kindly ask them to forward your information to us (or you can send your info and key to support at lightburnsoftware dot com). We will update our records and then be better able to help you directly in the future.

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