License question - 3rd seat

I’ve been using Lightburn for a couple of years now, but just now signed up for the forum. My intention was to post a question regarding purchasing additional licenses for the software. I use my 2 machines allowed on the computers that run my Eleskmaker and Ortur machines. I just bought a Sculpfun machine and wanted to see about buying a 3rd license. However, I found the information (yes, I used the search function, lol) that said I can request a 3rd seat on my license. Do I just need to send an email to request that 3rd seat? I’m going to be assembling my new machine today and running tests.


The number of seats equates to the number of computers you have LightBurn installed on, not the number of lasers you have connected to your computer. You can run more than 3 lasers with your version of LightBurn. If you are using separate computers for each, and require a 3rd seat, e-mail and include your license number and they will add a 3rd seat at no cost.

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