License question

Random question as someone on a group was looking for offers for sale having got rid of their laser… but is the lightburn license transferable through sale?

I don’t recall ever giving my personal details to register lightburn therefore can’t see how you’d manage it if it isn’t but thought i’d ask the question for clarity purposes!

We’re happy to transfer license keys to a new user if you sell the laser. As long as they have the key we can deactivate old systems.

Oh cool (not that i’d ever get rid of my laser) - thats a very unusual and liberal stance on licensing you take! :slight_smile:

LightBurn has always been about the quality of the product and the service, and trying to make the software accessible to a wide audience without starving myself to do it.

The software practices that I see as “industry standard”, like subscription models, cloud operation, in-app purchases for features, and so on, appear to be designed to extract maximum profit while retaining maximum control. I hate those things as a user, but I can understand the reasoning as a developer, so I always try to strike what I think is a fair balance between them.

I hope that comes across, and that people choose to continue to support the product. We’ll see if it works. :slight_smile:


Yeah i think that’s what makes people gravitate towards LB & you guys. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarity!


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