License Renewal

I’ve been getting License Expired/System Time Error since the Time Change. It went online and Renewed, a couple of hours ago, but it still shows expired and I’m in the middle of a critical job!

Which version are you running? If older than 0.9.05, update to the latest and that should fix it. Expired licenses were treated as an error in some cases on older versions, but that has been fixed.

I believe I was running 09.05, but updated to 09.07 after the Renewal. I got a message that said the Update could not be installed due to the Expired Key, but it shows 09.07 at the top

I received the Shippment Confirmation eMail and after a few attemps and restarting LB it apears to be wurking again.

Yes, I just ran the renewals processor in the hope that your machine would pick up the change quickly. Sounds like it has worked.

Thank you very much!

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