License/software updates cost $30 a year?

I finally ended my trial time and went to purchase the license key and read that it is only good for One Year, and then there is a $30 fee to keep it updated yearly.

What I understand however the original key will work pass a year, but then if I want Maybe updates I have to spend $30 additional a year. Is my understanding correct ??

Also how long pass a year will the program work with the origanal key?

Still learning the program but now I am more confused.

Your understanding is basically correct. Keeping the license current provides you access to new versions of the program that were released during the license validity period.

However, the key that you have can be used in perpetuity for all the releases that came out during the validity period of your support license.

As an example, let’s say you bought the software on Jan 1, 2022. The original license period would be one year. If you did not renew the license you could use all versions of the software released up to Jan 1, 2023, but not newer. This would be in perpetuity. By renewing the license you get access to newer versions of the software up until the new expiration date.

Simply put, you can use the software you already have access to forever. License renewal allows you to extend the period in which you have access to releases that are made.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

Sometimes I just can’t seem to grasp the complete concept and of course sometimes seemly being a cheapskate… For the price of the LightBurn Software one should not complain.
I just want it get it clear in my mind that the updates are just optional and not mandatory as I have experience in the past with some software that updates would prevent the software from working, ie, FrontPage was bought out by MS, updated, and certain parts of the program would no longer work… but that was long ago… I just don’t want to spend $30 on a shiny gizmo that I may not need.


Glad to help. To be fair, the model is a little unusual and thus not so obvious. It also has superficial similarities to a subscription model which we’ve been conditioned to cut you off if you you no longer subscribe. The LightBurn model is thankfully a bit more customer friendly in that regard.

Exactly what I was thinking and trying to get across :roll_eyes:

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