License upgrade after 2 years or new license

I have upgraded my Lightburn software and was surprised to find out it only lasted a few months. Do I have to buy a new license now and start all over? Is there another upgrade option? I read several posts about upgrading but never ran across this question.

Your post says the same thing I have read over and over. I am talking about a third Renewal. I thought you had to buy a new license. How does that work if you can keep Renewing. My understanding of the license is you get a year. If you Renew then you get another year from your original expiration date. I haven’t seen anything on Renewing after that. I know My key will last forever. I am talking about updates to the software.

No, this is not correct. The Renewal continues to be available and you can buy as many as you’d like. Each renewal purchase provides 365 days of updates and there is no limit to the number of Renewals you can purchase.

This is the firs time I have seen this. It still goes from the original expiration date correct?

It might help clarify things if you can document the date that you bought the original license and the date(s) of each renewal.

Renewal adds a year to the expiration date. If you do it twice, it adds two years, and so on. You can continue to renew as long as you like. Read here:

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