License went away, trial period reset

I restarted lightburn because if i have lightburn loaded before i start my laser, it won’t upload files to it.

Reloaded it and it said that i had 311 days left on my license updates, but the laser device was missing, so i restarted it again and it said it was no longer licensed and that i can start my free trial ( which i had done a free trial to the last day before i bought the license)

windows 10x64 0.9.20 ver

It’s possible that your system did a Windows Update and that changed the digital fingerprint used to ID the machine. Just enter the key again and you should be good.

havent rebooted in a few days. i’d been using lightburn all day today and yesterday, just happened all of a sudden. re-activating is easy enough.

if you’re using mac addresses though, i did add hyperv/vmware setups which make a bunch of virtual adapters.

It’s a large mix of stuff, but those are likely in there and probably contributed. The fingerprint is ‘fuzzy matched’, but if it changes enough, it might think you’re on a new computer.

happened again today, same exact order. was running lightburn normally, exited, reloaded, said i had XXX days left in my license, exited. and reloaded again said it was no longer licensed and back to a trial but this time 28 days left.

I did re-auth it yesterday.

haven’t rebooted or installed any software since it happened on the 27th.

just to show i did re-auth it properly again

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