License will not keep my software licensed?

My license KEY keep kicking out the software over and over again.

Now I get a message “ACTIVATION LIMIT has been reached” but then I EXTEND the trial, and the key gets accepted again (for another 30 days?).

This is rather ridiculous and the very first time in 25 years of computer software use a PAID software KEY has not been accepted without and complications the very first time.

I am running win 10 on my personal computer, no corporate network.

I have NO blocking software and do not need and virus protection software as this computer is never connected to the internet (the system with lightburn installed).

So what on earth is the problem here getting the PAID license key to just be accepted and run as it should?

That is very likely the problem. The license system in LightBurn requires the internet to validate the license, unless you have requested an offline license activation. You never mentioned this before.

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