Licensed (expired) user... how to trial DSP version for new CO2?

Licensed (expired) user… have just purchased Omtech 50W CO2 and want to run trial DSP LB for checkout before purchasing DSP license. No Windows, only Linux… on Chromebook. Downloaded 9.20 and can’t get past the “you need to purchase/upgrade your license”… it just shuts down. Love LB, how do I best go about testing this new [to me] flow?

Deactivate your current license seat on that computer and the trial should activate.

If the trial has expired, post the Trial Key here and magic will happen to extend the time you have.

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I did that last week for my 50w everything went great,well worth it

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Dude, did you just write the Lightburn slogan? :slight_smile:

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Thanks, guys! Love the new slogan… :wink:

Thanks, Rick.

Deactivated the license on my machine. Launched LB 9.20 and am told that the trial period has expired. Here is the trial key – 082e29b1-d16b-424d-9b1a-d4a4f6cf547d – as requested. Waiting for magic:wink:

Why are you waiting? :wink:

Magic applied. We have reset your trial.

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Waiting because my ESPN doesn’t work that well nowadays… :wink:

Thanks, Rick. I’m in:clap:

Three machines [daughter and 2 for me (CAD and machine control)] with previous expired Gcode license… good thru 9.16. Trialed 9.20 for DSP ops with new CO2 laser and finally bought the upgrade license (Gcode to DSP) a couple of days ago. I’ve deactivated my CAD machine (Chromebook), closed out LB, and then tried to use my old license number to reactivate… several times. Keep getting pop ups telling me of my expired license and need to renew. Seems I need some more of that magic:man_shrugging:

Pretty please… :wink:

Again? You know magic does not wear off. :wink: S’ok because we have a bunch, so requesting more is just fine!

Looking into our systems, I see you have an “expired” DSP key with 2 of the 3 seats available currently allocated to 2 Linux systems. You can update to our latest release, if you renew your key for another 365 Days here: Renew your existing LightBurn License Key – LightBurn Software

You can visit our License Management portal to change your seat allocation and apply a key to the systems you’d like. If you want to stay with the current version you have and not renew, you can find / install previous version here:

Okay. I’m old and easily confused so let’s see if I can get this straight…

My original license key was for Gcode only and expired in Oct '20, for update purposes… “stranding” me at LB 9.16.

The $40 Upgrade from Gcode to DSP I just purchased now gives me DSP functionality… but I’m still “stuck” at LB 9.16, for update purposes?

Another $30 will “renew” my [now DSP-enabled] license key to move to LB 9.20 (what I trialed) and later… for another year?

It appears maybe I missed the distinction between “renew” and “upgrade”… I assumed “upgrading” would also “renew” me for another year. But, as long as I’ve now got the DSP functionality, I can use my new CO2 laser and be reasonably happy… :grin:

I may elect to stay at 9.16 for now – it does most everything my daughter and I have needed to do so far – since we use LB just to create the gcode and dsp files; i.e. not as a machine controller. However I do hope to eventually use that 3rd seat to try controlling the CO2 machines when I have the time and see the need.

Thanks, Rick, for the help. Please correct me if I’ve still got it wrong and there’s more I need to do.


Yes, these are two different things. The ‘Upgrade’ unlocks DSP support for your existing key, no matter when you do so.

This is fine, you can continue to use 9.16 forever. :slight_smile:

The ‘Renewal’ provides additional year(s) of updates and product improvements from LightBurn. You are not required to purchase a Renewal to continue to use LightBurn, but we hope you will. So much so, if you renew before your license expires, you will receive an extra two months.

You are welcome, and let us know how you get on and of course, if you experience any issues.

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