Licensing move (is this possible or not?)

Hello LightBurn. Please forgive this question appearing here. I did complete a web page form some time ago and I had not seen a response.

My Mac laptop recently died and I have now had to purchase a mini Windows 11 Pro based computer. This runs the CNC software which I use through my GRBL control board, without the need to go through Bootcamp on the Mac.

My question is this: do I need to purchase a Windows compatible version of LightBurn or is there a process to move my Mac licence to a Windows machine? I guess any new purchase I have to make will be designated for GCode machinery.


You can remove the Mac seat on the license portal.


If you have a legitimate license you can have up to 3 seats active. If the machine is dead you can log into the license portal (link on top of screen) and remove that machine from your account.

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Thank you @thelmuth and @parsec. I managed to succesfully deactivate one computer and activate another. Your assistance was very much appreciated. :+1: