Licensing using on two different types of computer (Mac and PC)

I’d really like to use Lightburn to catch up on some work while at my day job on lunch. My home is a Macbook air and my work is a PC.

  1. Are we allowed to install on more than one device? Seems like we shouldn’t, otherwise people would just share and Lightburn would make no money.

2)If so any conflict with one being a Mac and the other a PC? Wouldn’t think there would be, my only concern is the files I do at my day job might not be readable at my home Mac.

Thanks for any help. I thought there was a licensing section but it seems like there is just a portal.

Yes! You can use LightBurn on 2 different computers, and even a 3rd if you just send us an email and ask :slight_smile:

Not a problem at all. You can use any mix of systems you want and the files will be readable on all of them.

That’s awesome, thanks Adam! So for the second I just enter into the license portal and it will allow me to do that in there?

Nope, just enter the same key on the second system. If you do go to the license portal you will then see that you have 2 of 2 allowed activations. So just remember to deactivate if you ever stop using LightBurn on one of those machines, so you can activate it again elsewhere.

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