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DO NOT post your License Key Hi new user here
just tried to download the trial to a removeable stick so i could put in on another pc that does not have did not work out very well so i deleted it and tried to download it to my laptop.i keep getting this message. THE DRIVE OR UNC SHRW YOU SELECTED DOES NOT EXIST OR IS NOT ACCESIBLE PLEASE SELECT ANOTHER. Please help

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How exactly are you doing this?

Likely the easiest solution to this is to download again directly from LigthBurn:
Download / Trial – LightBurn Software

If that doesn’t resolve it, can you provide further information and take a screenshot of the message that you’re seeing?

this is what message i get

Did you freshly download LightBurn during the process?

What is the screen immeidately before this one?

What OS are you running?

im using windows

What specific version?

Think its windows 7

it only seems to work if i put it on the memory stick, but not having my laser untill the next few days i cant use it because it ask to find my laser which isnt listed.(sculpfun s30 pro)

When do you do this? You’re saying at installation time or run time?

Windows 7 should be supported but was curious if this was possibly Vista.

Can you manually create a device matching the Sculpfun S30 Pro. Make sure to pick GRBL as device type.

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As PY mentioned, it’s not unusual that the laser is not automatically detected. I usually even recommend doing it manually, to set your options right. Here is some guide for setup of the Sculpfun machines with LightBurn: Setting up the software - Diode Laser Wiki