Light burn 90degree camera bad resolution

I bought the 90 degree camera for my 900x600 machine and this is the quality I’m getting!
Why is the resolution so low from a camera designed for this?

Can anyone help or tell me what I’ve done wrong?

You haven’t focused it, most likely. The small ring around the lens with the 6 notches is a manual focus ring. Open up the Windows Camera app, or drag the LightBurn camera preview out to full screen, then twist that ring slowly to get the best focus you can.

Hi oz
Yes I’ve done that and still no better still very blurry.

Did you remove the small sticker from the lens? It will have a small red tab on it. Actually, show a picture of the image from the Microsoft Camera app. I want to see what the image looks like full screen before you do a capture.

Yes took the sticker off, I’m on apple Mac computer.

Go to settings, and tell me what these are set to?


Choose ‘Highest’ if it isn’t already.

Hi oz yes it’s set to highest.

Try choosing “default” - the LightBurn cameras are supposed to default to their highest resolution. I’ve never seen a Mac fail to pick the higher res, so that’s strange. Your camera is showing as “LightBurn Camera #2” - do you have more than one of them installed?

No cause it’s in the garage it sometimes disconnects so when I unplug it and plug it back in it then changes it’s to camera#2

“In the garage”? How is it connected to the computer? (As in, is the computer sitting next to it, connected with the USB cable it came with, or are you sitting in the house, connected to it in some other way?)

Via these
USB to Ethernet to usb

That’s your problem. That will not likely handle the throughput required. Plug the camera directly into the computer with the supplied USB cable.

Will have to try that tomorrow.
As I can’t move my Mac tonight.
Will keep you informed

Another user has extended with these:

Depending on the distance you need to go, that might work. The cameras are intended to be directly connected, and the bandwidth they use means you need a good connection. A 2592x1944 frame (5mp) requires 10Mb per frame, and the cameras run about 5 frames per second at that resolution, meaning 50Mb per second - relatively close to the theoretical max throughput of 60Mb/sec (480 mbps) of a USB 2.0 cable.

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Brilliant OZ just tried it with pc In garage and all is great apart from lighting but that can’t be helped I don’t think fluorescent tubes :-1:t2:.
I’ve ordered a 10m usb lead, I didn’t know they did them that long so fingers crossed and keep you informed and thanks for all the help :+1:t2::+1:t2::smiley:

This is the result Oz

And this is live feed

Thanks so much for your help I really appreciate it.
Love lightburn

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