Light burn Camera Stopped Working

Failures happen sometimes with all electronics, but it’s unlikely you’d get two duds in a row. If you do, tell me.

The other camera works and will be great help with the 130 watt machine! Thank you for the quick response and the replacement camera. It seems the cable on the other camera is bad. What do I owe you for the replacement? Is there any way I can buy another camera cable for the original one? I have 2 other 60 watt machines and a K40, will the 160 deg camera setup work on either of those or is the field of view to wide? If it will work, can send the other 80 dollars for the replacement camera setup if you could just send me another cable. If not I will need to just purchase 2 more cameras
Thanks for all the help, appreciate all the assistance!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning:

It’ll likely work for the K40’s, and might for the 60w too - depends entirely on where it’s mounted, and how big the working area is on the 60w machine. The K40 has a small cutting area, so you don’t need a lot of image resolution to get good accuracy.

I can send you a replacement cable easy enough, and if you’re cool with it I can invoice you for the 2nd cam when the cable arrives and you’ve verified it all works. Appreciate the honesty, by the way. What size shirt do you wear?

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