Light burn Camera Stopped Working

I was using a Lenovo laptop with my laser and my camera worked great. That Lenovo had to be replaced and now my camera won’t work with the new HP computer.

Any suggestions?

Using on AP 4024 100 watt.

You probably need a driver that was not installed when you “replaced” your laptop. You have not told us which camera (LightBurn camera or some other) or the OS so we can not direct you much further without this. :slight_smile:

Sorry. It is the Lightburn camera 120 degree

And this…

Windows 10. Updated.

Does windows find the camera when you use the win cam app?

Also worth checking: Win 10 has a bunch of new security settings, so you may have to tell it not to disable cameras in general, and to allow LightBurn to access the camera.

I cant find any Windows settings concerning camera security and it only recognizes the two cameras built into my computer when I use the camera app in windows

Type ‘Camera Setting’ in the Start Menu and it’ll take you to the right places:

Camera access is on and Lightburn has access to cameras. When I go to the camera tab in Lightburn ONLY the two cameras installed in my machine show up.

Do you hear Windows ‘Ding!’ when the LightBurn camera is plugged in? Can you see the LightBurn camera from the Windows ‘Camera’ application?

This is what my Device manager says. The one with the warning is the Lightburn Camera. When i unplug it this goes away.

Make sure the cable is seated properly on the camera side - are you just using the stock cable as it is, or are you plugged into an extension?

Someone else mentioned needing to install this:

Stock cable that came with the camera.

I am having the same issue as stated above, I have checked all avenues. None of my computers (1 high end media computer and the other a laptop, both not even a year old yet) will recognize the camera. Both operating on windows 10. I have the same error as seen above when I go to the device manager. What is going on? Any help would be great? I have tried all of the media feature packs suggested above and none of them apply to my computer and are unnecessary. I then had my son hook it to his gaming computer and no result then either.(he has a web cam installed that works fine). When I plug anything into my computer I always get that devise plugged in noise, but have never got that with this camera. I have 4 laser cutters and was going to order 3 more cameras, but until this is resolved I will go another route, Thanks, any help would be great!!

Surely someone else has had this problem in the general population. And because the problem is with Windows not recognizing the camera when plugged in, you can also search other Windows operating system support forums. And if/when you find the solution, just repost here so others might find it if they look here first.

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80 dollars on a camera that didnt even work 1 time. will not buy again.

I’ve only just seen this - returned from Christmas holidays and getting caught up again. If the camera isn’t working, we’ll send you another one. I’ve added the order to the system - it should go out tomorrow.

For things like issues with an order, emailing us directly is a better way to make sure it’s seen and addressed. I try to see everything on the forum, but it’s hard to keep up.

Thank you, But if the other one doesn’t work then what do I do?, I have used other web cams and they all are working fine. If it does work then I will post results along with wiring and setup.