Light burn does not recognized NEJE master 2s MAX 40W

Re: - Light burn does not recognized NEJE master 2s MAX 49W

We purchased a brand new NEJE master 2s max 40W CNC laser engraving cutting machine laser cutter engraver and would like to buy your software’s FULL License.

However, when we installed your “Trial version”, we noticed that our NEJE was not recognized by your software having installed the relevant driver for the machine.

Are we doing something wrong ? Kindly put us through. Thank you

Unless your system is broken, you will find your answer here:

NEJE Master 2S is a very common laser in these parts and beaucoup people are using them. Setup is easy if you follow the steps…
I’ll also add, follow the steps suggested by NEJE’s Wiki (start |, you may need to update the firmware on your brand new device.

Thank you TomWS for your response and links:
Of course, I have already downloaded and re-installed those drivers and software as directed by NEJE. However, when Light Burn software was installed, it could not
identify the NEJE master 2s 40W and that was why I posted the question.

I would love to create it manually but need further direction on how to do just that. Thank you once again.

Wow, I now realize how difficult this is for you. So, here are the extensive steps needed to install a NEJE Master 2S:

  1. Select Manual install,
  2. Select GRBL,
  3. Select Serial/USB,
  4. Name your laser anything you want and define the bed dimensions, ie X=440, Y=440
    click next and, guess what? It will tell you that you’re all finished! Just like the documentation describes…
    Going back to sleep now…

Thank you for the additional info. The software now recognizes NEJE 40W master 2s Max. Its appreciated and you responded back very fast.

Please send me a link to buy the Full License for your software.

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