Light burn doesn’t open like it used to

When I double click icon on my window pc light burn now opens partially not full screen like it always did . And it takes two more clicks of mouse to make it full screen??
Is this a windows issue or is there a way to configure light burn to open full screen from desktop icon??

LightBurn stores the information in the prefs.ini file located at : C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\LightBurn (you can also just paste %LOCALAPPDATA%\LightBurn in the address bar of the file explorer).

There are lines like:

    "WindowIsMaximized": true,
    "WindowPosX": 0,
    "WindowPosY": 0,
    "WindowSizeX": 1658,
    "WindowSizeY": 791,

Notice the WindowIsMaximised setting.

If you hold down the shift key while you click to open LightBurn, this will bypass those stored window preferences and load with defaults.

That should start LightBurn centralised (but not necessarily maximised), so maximise the window to full screen, then close LightBurn. Next time you open LightBurn it should be as it was when you closed it.

If that doesn’t help then edit the properties of the LightBurn shortcut (right click) and set the “Run” property to “Maximised” e.g.


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