Light Burn Insall

How do I Load Light Burn on a Computer that does not have an internet Connection

If you have a license, you would run it on the computer without the network connection, enter the license key, then click “Request Offline Activation”. It will ask you to save a file that contains the machine fingerprint as an offline request. You copy that to a USB drive and bring it to a machine with a network connection, email it to LightBurn, and we process it and return you a response file that you use to complete the activation.

If you’re trying to run the trial, there isn’t currently a way to register the trial without an internet connection. It only needs to be connected long enough to verify that the machine hasn’t run the trial before, and doesn’t require the connection after that.

OK, and Thank you

Have LB License. May have to set up Temp
Internet Connection

Thank You again


If you have the license, the offline activation is the easier way to go - it won’t complain if it’s not connected, whereas the online activation expects to be able to contact the server at least once a month.