Light Burn license

Okay, so i’m pretty sure at some stage i saw it covered on the facebook group, but the search didn’t bring it up,

i thought i’d ask here.

i activated one of the seats of my license on a computer that is now… well… everything good comes to an end.

what is the process for “moving” or relocating my ?seat? to a new computer?

For that, send an email to lightburnsoftware at gmail, or PM our Facebook page and I can take care of it. One of the things I hope to add in the relatively near term is a tab on the license page that lets users manage their additional activations, but for now that’s through me.

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Additionally, it really helps us for you to include your license key and the description of the computer name you want deactivated in the initial contact (although if you’ve only ever activated one computer on the license that does make the job a bit easier :slight_smile:)

So, does the license management site, that I was emailed a link to when I purchased lightburn, not actually allow for the deactivation of a license seat?

It only does offline activation, unfortunately.

OK, but what does offline mean exactly?

Offline means that you can activate a machine that doesn’t have an internet connection. You can also see your online activations, you just can’t manipulate them. If it were up to me, you could, but the license provider doesn’t have that functionality in the user portal.

Sorry, I misread activation as deactivation. Now I got it.