Light burn not responding

Lightburn started to run real slow for me since yesterday! Not responding all the time, crashing when i change lasers, stop working when i send a file. I’ve been workign with it for 2 years now, same computer (imac running OSMojave) and never had this problem. I even downgraded my lightburn version to try and solve it, but nothing! even disabled auto saving, anti aliasing, nothing helps! Can someone please give me some help

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Your computer unexpectedly behaving different when you’ve been using LightBurn for quite a while generally suggests that something other than LightBurn is contributing to this.

Did your computer update recently, or did you download any new software that might interfere with network connections or USB behavior (VPNs, other less common USB devices, etc)? What version of macOS Mojave is your computer on (click the Apple icon in the top left, and then “About This Mac”)

version 10.14.6
the other apps are fine, working like usual, i even tried on a windows and encountered the same issues changing the lasers, i couldnt use 2 lasers on the windows, had to unplug one usb for it to recognise the other machine. On the iMac keeps loading and never sends the job when i switch, have not installed anything new since last week.

If you’re unplugging and plugging in lasers while starting LightBurn, you may also need to reboot the laser. Many devices aren’t expecting to be hot-plugged when a connection is already open and in-use. If you right click the “Devices” button in LightBurn, it’ll try to reconnect to the laser you have selected. Information about connection status will be displayed in the bottom righthand corner of the window.

If you’re using the “send to laser” dialog in a running copy of LightBurn to upload the design, that operation is “blocking”, as that’s the task the program is executing in that moment.

That said, when LightBurn isn’t responding, are you working on a particularly large design, or one that has a large amount of text content made within LightBurn? Could you please upload the lbrn2 file for the project that’s being problematic if there is one so our staff could try to diagnose further? Thanks :slight_smile:

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