Light burn on xcarve

Hi there. New to light burn and need some help. I installed a 7 watt jtech photonics laser on my xcarve and my first test piece is barely noticeable after it’s done. Any suggestions? I ran it through about 4-5 times and still barely noticeable on the wood. Basic text is what I was trying to burn. Thanks.

I have the same setup how fast were you moving and what did you have the power set to?

I believe 90/100.

The laser or speed?

I think 90 speed and 100 max power

Try running it at 100 percent power and slow down to around 40 inches per minute. The speed is something that is trial and error. To slow you may burn it to much and to fast may not burn it enough.

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

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90 what? 90 inches a minute is different than 90 inches a second, and different again from 90 mm/sec or 90 mm/min. Include the units so we’re all on the same page.

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