Light burn port failed to open-already in use?

Please someone help!! i have been down for a week now… I am usually on Port COM8 and somehow it dissapeared. Now non of my ports work. It keep saying Port Failed to open- already in use? i have reset, turned off , unplugged all wires and replugged… i even whent to uninstalled lightburn and re enstalled light burn… i check my computer settings to see if any other programs are running and non are. I have changed different USB cords and still no go…I also whent to devices to have lightburn find my laser and nothing show up… i was originally working on a project and this just randomly happened last week out of no where… PLEASE HELP ME FIND A SOLUTION… thank you

Without any information on your specific setup one can only guess. Please take a few minutes to complete your user profile and include the exact make and model of your laser, computer and operating system. These details will help support staff and forum users correctly identify and diagnose issues.

updated, sculpfun s30 5watte, GRBL, Windows

I would try first by trying to reinstall your laser. Reinstalling the driver may help.

if that does not help lets try other methods.

First, check the windows device manager. Open this and check the ports section. If you plug in the laser, you should get a ch340 device listed:
Behind the name, you see the COM port that has been assigned. Do you see anything there?

Windows dynamically allocates Com Ports so it is not unusual for it to change from time to time check in device manager in ports and look for one with ch341 or similar in the description, this is the port you need to connect on, if there is none with that description then it is a problem with the device driver and you will need to reload it, then check device manager to see if it is working, I have had problems with this driver on several machines, and have found the only way I could get it working was to shutdown and unplug computer for 10-15 seconds then check device manager again and reinstall driver again before it would finally work correctly.

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