Light burn says ready, but neje 3500 won’t go

Neje 3500 laser engraver new, will work with neje software, won’t work with light burn. Light burn says it is ready, but engraver does nothing. I am new to this and I don’t know if parameters are right and what is Goode mean?

NEJE uses custom firmware that isn’t compatible with LightBurn. They have the option to flash GRBL to the machine, but I’ve tried it and they’ve crippled it by removing laser mode, and the GRBL firmware doesn’t support the homing switches or, really, much else.

You’re likely stuck with the stock software.

So I bought this software cause I liked it now I can’t use it because it don’t work with neje

Anyway to refund me since I haven’t used my license,still have 26 days on trial version and I just bought your fine software today? Just asking!

We do offer a way to refund, but I have to ask…Why? Why did you do this?

26 Days left on a trial with software that you have not determined works with your gear and you decide to purchase. It costs us each time we need to reverse a sale. We offer a trial so everyone can ensure it works with their setup prior to spending anyone’s money.

I ask to see if we can refine our process to minimize the time and financial loss this can cause. :man_shrugging:

Reach out to us via support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we will get this sorted.

No flashing of a custom firmware? I can’t imagine GRBL would be that difficult to configure. I’m pretty ignorant on the subject when it comes to grbl or the neje though.

I loved your software! I thought it would work with neje as powerful as it is ,just figured that I had my parameters set wrong for program. I didn’t mean to mess anything up! Sorry for inconvenience!

If you haven’t already,

Oz told me,that neje engraver does not work with your software. That’s why I need a refund, I don’t have anything else that it would work with! Thanks!

Responding to this continues to cost time and energy, which normally I look forward to investing.

Have you sent a request for a refund to:

I have been monitoring and have not seen anything from the email you use here.

I purchased your software because I am new to engraving and thought that maybe my parameters wasn’t set right, and I didn’t like nejes software, but after seeing your response maybe it is just as well that I don’t pay for your software, with the attitude you seem to have. Maybe I let other people know how you treat you customers who are new to this. I haven’t even used your software and I asked for a refund on the same day as I purchased it. Thanks for the attitude! I didn’t even talk you guys down either!

I am not wanting to express an attitude other than a desire to resolve this issue and move on.

We offer free trial and support during this time to provide you with an opportunity to evaluate and determine the abilities and usefulness of LightBurn. 4 Days into the trial and without confirming our software will work with your setup, you decide to spend money and purchase a license. To me, this makes no sense. Be that as it may, here we are.

To be clear, we are going to offer you a refund. You need to send us an email at the address provided to do so. Thank you.

Rick just asked you to send a request to our support email so we wouldn’t have to go digging around ti try to find the order. That’s it. Since you’ve raised a fuss about sending an email, I’ve gone and done the digging, taking up more time, found your order and refunded it at our expense. Good day.