Light Burn software w no unit connected

Hello, I pre-ordered a XTool Pro 20w. I do not have my unit yet. it may be a few weeks. I purchased
LB 1.2.01 for $60.00 and activated it.
It does not show Xtool as available in menu. It will not let me browse through software! automatically closes without machine connected. is there a way to get into software?
Thank You.

This is covered in LightBurn documentation. Take a look here:
Adding and Configuring a Laser - LightBurn Software Documentation

I suggest you add a fictional device to get past this step.
regular GRBL with a 100mm x 100mm worspace should get you out of that first seires of windows quickly.

This will allow you to download the lbdev file and get LightBurn set up for your xTool D1 Pro.

Thanks Guy’s for your help!!! This worked


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