Light Burn User Request / Bug

After Using LB for a few weeks now I could not be happier with my purchase. Because of LB optimization and control over the laser I have been able to reduce my etching/engraving cycle times on just one job from 40mins to 7mins! Wow! That’s just one of a slew of other benefits this software has helped me.
Best improvement/upgrade to my machine besides the the MG which is a req retro fit to utilize LB. :wink:

Along the way I have found a few things that LB could use or I just don’t know how to do if the option is available. Here’s my list thus far. Please feel free to correct me if I am missing something as I am still learning the software so may be error on my part. :slight_smile:

A) A way to stop Layers from being affected by “Undo” Command. I set a good speed/feed, later realize I need to undo some vectors etc and end up undoing the layer speeds/feeds attributes. Ruin my material before I realize it was undone. (This bites me in the butt all the time)
B) Lockable layers, so vectors can’t be moved or selected for when using as a template/workoffset/reference point.
C) Special/Specific Warning if objects are outside machine/grid area and selected for output.
D) Ability to have feeds/speeds in one measurement system and vectors/draw board in another.
Drawing board and Vectors in Imperial and Speed/Feed in mm.
E) Workoffsets, “Workoffset Library” Like the Layer Library.
F) Laser fire button could use a max timer. (ms)
G) Not have to click the edge of text/vectors to select.
H) Ability to highlight all text by double clicking or on first click or drag mouse to high-lite and/or (Shift+Home/End) to highlight all text
I) Reduce Font load time by not having fonts preview in the drop down. This is personal preference but the benefit to load time/lag ratio is worth loosing the preview.

Origin (Green dot/Current Position) sometimes sticks to Absolute/Machine Cords/top left of grid, switching “Start From:” does nothing at this point. Must save & reopen file to clear the bug. Seems to happen after I have used Undo a few times or something. Still trying to catch it in the act. I usually notice it too late once the machine takes off to the moon.


Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. It is greatly appreciated. I have some suggestions aimed at helping us best manage the capture of this information and an answer to one of your questions. I’ll start there.

LightBurn provides several ways to define the workflow best suited for you and your setup as you’d like. Under the ‘Units / Grid’ section in the ‘Settings’ window, click the ‘Inches / mm/sec’ option to do exactly as you want. This option sets all workspace tools to Imperial and has your “Speed/Feed” settings defined in metric.

Now for the suggestion. LightBurn provides a dedicated voting site for feature requests. You can read more about it below. This is the best place to post a request, as users can vote in support of an idea. This helps us track interest, prioritize new features, and manage progress notifications back to the users. Please sign up and join in there.

This is definitely the place to post items like this. I have not seen this issue reported before. Please report any additional information you can when you see this behavior that could help us reproduce on our end.

Thanks Rick!

The measurement system mix is nice to have. I just kept over looking it. Self explanatory really.
::forehead slap:: lol.

Headed over to Request section.

Thanks again,

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