Light Guide Panel

Are there any presets, or is there any advise for engraving a Light Guide Plate pattern into acrylic? I have a sheet of light guide acrylic for Inventables, but need to use it to make a light box (Light Guide Acrylic Sheet – Inventables, Inc.)

Here’s more information about Light Guide Plates: A Hacker’s Introduction To DIY Light Guide Plates | Hackaday

I am a complete novice to laser cutting/engraving. I just joined a maker space and they have an OMTech laser cutter and they use LightBurn as the software. But this is all I know about the setup.

Everybody wants that magic information that will avoid having to run Material Tests, but … the results depend on the specific laser / material / pattern / lighting, so plan to burn up some of that precious material finding out how to use the rest.

With that in mind, edge-lit acrylic is just acrylic with dust in it, so whatever settings the Makerspace folks use for ordinary acrylic should work reasonably well.

Where did I mention that I wouldn’t or didn’t want to run a material test? I just want to know if there are any presets for dot patterns (when other applications like Lasercad appear to offer them). A simple “no” could have answered my question.


Perhaps the next person will benefit from the exchange.

This question was not in the original paragraph. You might look at the Array Tool in Lightburn. Make one tiny circle (because a laser dot is really tiny) and turn it into a gazillion.

1mm circle, 2mm spacing, 100x100 grid.

Dot Grid for Light Plate.lbrn2 (1.7 MB)

Agreed with above. Initial post simply mentions pattern presets. Many way to interpret that and most new users are indeed looking for magic numbers for cut/engrave settings.

Based on the follow-up…Are you trying to do a dithered image engraving? “Cell” (size , spacing, interval, etc) may be the term you’re looking for.

I make a lot of templates & signs like this. I have made heaps of edge-lit night lights for nurseries a children’s bedrooms. I have a 130 watt laser and I set the fill to 350 mm/s & power at 8.5% with the air assist off. You want the laser in focus. I always mirror engrave so the image is on the back side of the acrylic.