Light object z table problem

I’m having a simple problem with my z table. Everything works fine and it’s a nice product, but when I use the function to have it move up after a pass. Instead of stepping up it steps down. Anyone have any suggestions on how you reverse it?

You could try this, in the device settings (on the right):

Alternatively, you can exchange any two stepper motor wires and that will reverse them as well, but I would wait to see which way things are going. Some systems use Z 0 at the top of the travel, and others have it at the bottom, so this allows for either setup.

Yes when I initially plugged in the stepper motor to try it out for the first time, using lightburn move function, up was down and down was up. Using the Reverse z direction as you suggest repaired the move function so it works correctly. However the steps between passes are backwards. I’m thinking I might have to swap wires on the stepper. Knowing this is not your product, do you know what wires they might be. There labeled A+ A- B+ B-…I assume it’s the + wires but assuming can get you in trouble

You can reverse the + wires, or reverse the - wires.

Thank you for your help

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Sorry reverse the A wires or reverse the B wires, not enough coffee for me this morning.

that doesn’t seem to work

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