Lightbun camera shows installed but I have no camera view

Ok I have poured over these posts trying to see why I have no camera view. I have windows 7 so that is clearly the issue here. I installed the UVC that I read about here and still nothing. Is there anything else I can try?

I know this sounds stupid but as a retired electrician I solved many a don’t turn on issues by asking the customer to make sure the device is plugged in, But here I need to ask if you removed the little lens cap :+1:

If you’re on Windows 7, make sure you install this:

You might need to reboot afterwards, but that’s usually all it takes. Double check that you don’t have AntiVirus software preventing access to the camera, and if it’s still not working after that, let us know.

Ended up trading computers with my son and now I see a nice camera image. Struggling with the Calibration. Keep getting the “pattern not found” message

Try with a cover on your bed using a sheet or cardboard. LightBurn might be picking up the bed pattern along with the printed card and is getting confused.

I have it covered. I see a clear image but keep getting that message.

And what OS is this new system running?

I’m running windows 10

Read here: The camera doesn't find the lens calibration pattern (no pattern found)

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