LightBurn 0.9.00 released

LightBurn 0.9.00 / 0.9.01 released:

It’s been a long time coming.

Edit: I’ve also posted a patch release, 0.9.01 that has the Smoothieware connection fix, negated grayscale fix, and a small bug that made the window size wander a little every time you restored.


Christmas in March! Missed being able to use Lightburn after my laser 1 terminal cooked on my ruida controller. Been playing with the update for half an hour now, and it’s so much nicer to be able to dump a file in, set my settings, and have it just work the first time, instead of tweaking obscure settings in RDWorks. Thanks for Dual tube support Oz, you rock!

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well done Oz and all the guys on beta

very much appreciated

What a fantastic update!


installed update lightburn 9.0 , and after update it crashes all the time and no communication whit k40 laser anymore?

LightBurn Stack Trace

LightBurn has crashed. Send a screenshot of this message to:

DeviceSettingsDialog::showEvent (114)
MainWindow::on_actionDevice_Settings_triggered (495)
MainWindow::qt_metacall (1167)


regards rob

Deleted old version and new version .reinstall 9.0 same effect. Crashes all the time.
Deleted 9.0 and reinstall older version and program works fine

Greetings rob


I don’t know if it’s related with new version, but for the first time, I had a disconnection with 0.9 and couldn’t reconnect.
(I have been successfully using version 0.8 for 3 weeks and have never had a disconnection)


  • EleksMaker A3 Pro - 5500mw - GRBL 0.9i
  • Windows 10 x64


  • The program disconnected after a cut and could never reconnect after, even after closing, shutting down, disconnecting the usb port
  • The laser works if I switch back to EleksCam or LaserGRBL (even without stopping the machine). So no hardware problem.

Solution found:

  • Remove the Device from the list and reinstall it and it works again

If it helps :wink:

Note: Could you make a modification so that when you change Device, or when you start, the laser does not fire for 1 second at 100% (this makes a hole if you have forgotten an important part under the laser)

What should we do to update? Uninstall old version then install new? Help only downloads new version so I think that is correct. What about license. do we need to deactivate before uninstalling the old version?

No Jack, no uninstall or deactivation involved. Under ‘Help’ menu you will find ‘Check for Updates’. Follow the prompts, download and install. You should be all set.


I read your post that there should be prompts for download and prompts for install…that’s not what happend for me. I only get the choice to download with Chrome on Win 7. Or do you mean that once the file is downloaded, manually install right over the top of the old? See images.


Yes, your browser will be used to complete the download, then quit LightBurn. You need to double-click the downloaded file to launch the install.

" Or do you mean that once the file is downloaded, manually install right over the top of the old? See images. "

Yes, install new version over the old version (do not uninstall before)


Done, and working… thanks

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That is correct Marc.There is no need to uninstall the previous version.

Hi, I upgraded and now it is asking for my activation code again…which isn’t in my email…

What is the procedure for offline activation users of the software?

Also, since I can have two installs, can I just leave the current install on one of my laptops and install the update version of the second laptop, so if the new updates crashes, I still have a working version on the second laptop?

FYI since no where does it show the actual process for the initial offline install, here is what I had to do:

  1. Download the software from an internet connected computer (I used my office work computer, 20 miles from home.)
  2. Saved file to thumb drive.
  3. Copied file to offline computer dedicated to laser engraver.
  4. Installed program on offline computer and enter the Lightburn DSP license key that was emailed to me.
  5. Under registration I selected “offline activation”. This creates a new file that must be saved back to the thumb drive with a .ofr suffix file name. Drove from home to work.
  6. On my office computer I emailed the saved file with my license number to Lightburn.
  7. Lightburn emailed back a file with a .dat file extension. I copied this back to the thumb drive. (Drove home) and under activation loaded this file and it was fully activated.

Not sure if I will need to go through this whole procedure again for each update during the 365day free update period.

My two shop laptops, one dedicated to the laser and one dedicated to the CNC, will never get connected to the internet, so I can’t search for updates on them and will always need to do an offline activation. I don’t have internet at home but can check emails on iphone.

Did you not save this email. It is kinda important. :wink: Search all email, including spam folder, for “LightBurn license”. Did you purchase from us directly or one of our resellers? If the later, you will need to contact them directly.

If you purched from us, and don’t find the original email sent with your order, send an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can help sort this out.

Well, this upgrade has solved all issues I had with traverse lines being burned, and with the addition of a dwell time

on first cut.

I can now enable laser 12v power through the relay, delay for half a second, then start the cut sequence. No missing parts on the line any more. PWM works flawlessly.

Only error I found is with the delay setting, is it is marked as ms (millisecond?) when in fact it is measured in seconds.

I initially put in for 500ms for half a second, and wondered why nothing happened :grinning:

Putting in 0.5 works perfect.

No crashes or errors so far here.

Well done for a great programme.

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Marc, there is no control over that from LightBurn - I send no commands to the laser until you press start, so most likely what is happening is that the controller itself is not setting the “laser fire” pin to the appropriate value when the controller resets.