LightBurn 0.9.11 patch release available


  • [Oz] Fixed shortcuts in language packs (translations were incorrect)
  • [Oz] Added a switch to disable ‘Ignore out-of-bounds shapes’ behavior
  • [Ah] Fixed frame speed bug
  • [Oz] Fixed an issue with double-click launching files whose paths have spaces in the name
  • [Oz] Fixed a crash when importing PDF files with inline ColorSpace definitions
  • [Oz] Fixed bug with thumbnail extraction in shell extension
  • [Oz] Fixed shutdown crash when camera running on Windows
  • [Oz] Added failed transfer sound (and a preference to disable it) for DSPs

My install did not complete yet upon restart the new version .11 is showing.

How do you know that it did not complete? (If you got a “file could not be overwritten error, uninstall first, then install the new one)

I had to abort the install. I, sorry I cannot recall the .dll file and it also said something about shutting down the COM.

That’s the thumbnail viewer - it changed in 0.9.11, so uninstall the existing LightBurn first (which will shut off the thumbnail viewer first so the file isn’t locked, and can be properly uninstalled). Then install the new one and it should all go smoothly.

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OK i’ll do that… thanks… won’t get to it till tomorrow though

small issue with camera selected. When I select my lightburn camera then close the application and reopen it the camera gets distorted thinner but if I unselected then reselect it goes back to normal. anytimeI I reopen lightburn software I have to do that to get the camera back to its normal size.

This is a known issue with the new camera capture system. Since it doesn’t affection functionality, we decided to leave it for the next release.

cool I thought it was just me :slight_smile: by the way thanks for adding the backup library feature that was awesome.

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Now, when i try to video this issue I’m having i just can’t reproduce it. i always get the preview icon working. this is really puzzling. inconsistency behavior is something i’ve notice before for instance with layers/images drawing priority that gets reordered - not every time i save/open a project but once every few times.

i just can’t understand what is going on.
I promise to post a video once i catch this preview issue happening.

When you installed, did you get a ‘file locked’ error during the installation? If so, uninstall the previous version and then install the new one. The locked file is the thumbnail viewer that contains a fix for the issue.

[Oz] Added a switch to disable ‘Ignore out-of-bounds shapes’ behavior

Just one person’s opinion but I think your usage of the word “ignore” in the summary notes is better than “discard” which you actually use in the software settings window. Discard sounds like something is actually going to be deleted from the file and might lead many people to not want to try to use the feature.

I’ve changed it, but if you hover over the item in the settings, you get a full description.