Lightburn 0.9.21 issues

I installed the new version of Lightburn (0.9.21) and came across some fairly significant issues.

I found that after the upgrade i could not burn images or text that no isdue with 0.9.20. The laser would fire but not even make a mark on the target. I als found that the laser wouldn’t home properly in a consistent way.

I went back to 0.9.20 and had absolutely no issues with burning or homing. I liked the new features in 9.21, but they are useless if I can’t get the machine to perform properly. I use an Ortur LM2 20W.

Using a desktop Windows machine running Windows 10 Pro

What computer / OS are you using?

Im using a desktop computer running Windows 10 Pro.

I’m actually running in to this now myself. On macOS 11.1 (I also have the Ortur LM2 20W). Seems my ability to home is not consistently working. When I was able to home the laser, I tried to frame my image and that started causing an issue also. I’ll look to see if I still have the previous version if not, will look for it on the site.


Homing is handled by the controller itself - All LightBurn does is send a single command to initiate it. If that’s not working, it’s feasible that it’s a communication error of some kind, but all the errors on this thread were isolated to DSP controller specific code, completely insulated from the GCode drivers.

OK. Thanks for the info. I’ll double check the hardware side and make sure nothing is loose/not sitting correct and will try it again.


I pulled, I poked and I pushed everything that can move and it’s working great so far.


Not wanting to be argumentative just trying to understand…
If Lightburn doesn’t handle homing, how is it that simply going backwards to V0.9.20 corrected my issues? I did absolutely nothing else to my setup. Never touched cabling or anything else. Just returned to an older version.

If I understand what is different maybe I can troubleshoot V0.9.21 problem I am experiencing.

There should be no difference. LightBurn simply sends $H as a command to initiate the homing sequence.

If you load any version of LightBurn, and type that command into the console window, it will run the homing sequence. Try that with both versions.

Thank you Oz, I’ll give it a try with both versions ans see what happens.

But more to the point, why would the laser not burn anything running 9.21 and using the same file burn no problem in 9.20? The laser fires in 9.21 - not sure of actual power level signals - but burns nothing. Image in 9.20 is at correct impression.

I don’t know, but I’d like to. I am not having this issue myself.

Try this:

  • draw a 10mm square 10mm away from the origin
  • click ‘Save GCode’
  • do this in both versions, and attach the files here

I should be able to look to see the differences.

I will do this for you, but I can’t this evening. I will do it tomorrow and send the files to you. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but you know your software. Thank you…

Problem seems to be resolved. I reinstalled v9.21 and the laser seems to be functioning fine. Maybe the first download was corrupted somewhat and installed with errors. My reinstall this AM and test, all is working correctly.

Thanks for all your help and time! Much appreciated. Great software.

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