Lightburn 1.1.03 issue "Shape were set to fill, but they weren't closed" but file run normal on older Lightburn version

I imported DXF file to Lightburn for engrave fill text but keep getting message “Shape were set to fill, but they weren’t closed”. I tried to weld but still have the same issue. The weird thing is opened same file with Lightburn Ver 0.9.20 without issue and preview look normal.
Can someone take a look at the file and help me please. I’m very appreciate it.

If I click Continue the preview will look like this:

Opened same DXF file on Lightburn 0.9.20 without issue. The preview look normal but we always want to use up to date version instead of older version.

File.lbrn2 (362.8 KB)
heart.dxf (741.4 KB)

I attached a file in this post.

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Turn off the output and show on the hearts so all you see is the names. Select all and click close path under the edit tab.


Thank you so much for your help Jeff. " Select all and click close path " It works perfect now. Thanks again :beers:


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