Lightburn 1.3.01 T1 + T2 Border Bug or Feature?

Hello together,

first, im Sorry for my Englisch, its Bad.
In all other Versions i used the T1 or T2 Tool to take a border about my engraved Area.
In the Last Version this not working anymore? T1 + T2 now out of the Border SImulation?
Thats very bad, all my Forms are made with T1 or T2 as a Border.

How i can fix it?


Apparently this is a feature. The old behavior was apparently not how it was planned to work.

So far there are two potential workarounds to continue to use those controls as stated. Don’t know if these will continue to work as I believe there’s more thought being put into how framing should work.

  1. Use rubberband frame instead of square frame
  2. Use “Cut Selected Graphics” and “Use Selection Origin” in Laser window and the Tool layers will be reflected in framing.

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