LightBurn 1.4.00 - undo of node editing not working correctly after update

With latest version of LightBurn, undo action when using node editing is not working always.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create new file
  • draw some primitive shape, e.g. rectangle
  • convert shape to path
  • go to node edit and move any point, click undo (in most cases first undo action is working)
  • move again any other point and click undo - now undo is not working
    If I try to move other points after above step, sometimes I can undo all previous moves, sometimes not.

After reverting to 1.3.01 all is working OK.

I can confirm the above behaviour (1.4.0, Win 11)

It does appear to be random, some (primitive) shapes will ‘undo’ whilst others on the same work screen will not.
I have also noticed using a single shape, that sometimes one node will work as expected but the others will not.

Thanks for the report, I see it too.

It seems that while editing nodes, if any nodes remain selected (highlighted red) the undo function will be locked out. I will alert the team as this does seem like a bug.

As a workaround, just press ESC or spacebar once or left mouse click on a blank area of the workspace to deselect the node/s - then you can use undo.

Thanks Nicholas, the workaround is very useful

Update: The new node editing behaviour here was intended, in order to help prevent some other issues.

However, please continue to provide feedback…there is always room for improvement!

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Maybe that should be mentioned in change log. But for me, that behavior is not the most practical, especially in cases when multiple nodes are selected and manipulated on some complex shapes. If we need to deselect them all just to undo last operation(s), after that we must select them again to continue with manipulation. It’s not a problem when manipulating single node, but with multiple nodes it is not optimal and I prefer old behaviour for that, so for now I’ll stick to 1.3.01.

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