LightBurn 1.4.03, built Wed 2023-08-02

I just updated to the latest LightBurn 1.4.03, built Wed 2023-08-02 on my laser with Cohesion3d board. Now when I turn on the power the gantry motors go herky jerky and will not home or operate. Any Ideas?

Power-on process won’t have anything to do with LightBurn. So there’s likely something physical going on or an issue with the firmware.

Are you able to connect to the controller from LightBurn? Do you get any messages in Console?

If you’re able, take a video of what happens when it starts up. You can’t upload videos to the forum but you can link to the video hosted elsewhere.

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Sorry for the delay. Been working.
The laser comes on fine. As soon as I start Lightburn sends a command to link to the laser the laser head sounds like it is grinding and will not go to home position. It was working fine until the update. Not sure if it is Lightburn but seems funny that it just started after the update. I took a video on my iphone but this amp will not accept video. Says invalid format. Must be jpeg

I just found the problem. Some how one wire in the plug for the X stepper slipped out. I reseated the wire in the plug and now it is working fine. Crazy. Don’t know how that happened. Thanks for your help.

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