Lightburn 1.4 Bug {s}

Just installed LB 1.4 and immediately a bug on a simple option?

Error: You have no layers in your project set to output

But i did, see prntscreen the yellow layer (layer 29)
has set output

Tested all layers, No layer is working.
Even rubberband framing isnt working

rebooting / reinstalling not working.
Any idea…

Setting menu, ignore out of bound shapes…?


In the Cut Settings Editor for that layer, is the Output toggle in the upper-right corner turned on?

I think Jack meant this setting:

Under the gear icon in the top toolbar.

Output was on
out of bound was not the problem, when i put the selection off grid it saying out of bound

Found the solution for my problem.
Seems that 1.4 had corrupted my wast-grid file

copy past all in a new file and save it under different name.
Now it seems to work again.

i always open LB with a file that already include my wast-grid so i have my wast-grid bij default and save that file to whatever im buissy with.

thanks for your comments guys :smiley: :+1:

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Do you still have a copy of the original file that wasn’t working? If so, can you upload here?

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No sorry already shift-deleted it.

If you notice anything like this in the future, we’d like to know. Please provide the file and steps you took when observing this behavior, so we can review. :slight_smile:

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ok i remember that for the next time :wink:


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