Lightburn 1.4 user origin

Since the last update (LB1.4) my user origin becomes the position of the last cut, rather the the user origin I had set before the cut, i.e 0,0. I now have to use Home + set user origin. Is there a setting I missed on the lasts update?


I can’t reconcile these two statements.

User origin has always depended on having a known position (e.g. post homing) plus setting an origin. So the latter statement seems to follow that.

However, it’s not clear to me what you’re describing as having changed in the first statement.

Assuming that you’re working from a post-homed state, are you saying that the set origin is not being respected? User origin certainly shouldn’t be changing spontaneously on its own.

Please elaborate.

Hi, Yes I wondered if I had worded it correctly with enough info

My ‘Start From’ is always set to ‘Absolute Coords’

I have been doing a few burns/cuts recently & noticed that the user origin isn’t constant, which on the previous version I am sure it was fixed, once set.

I have finished the job now, but when the user origin changes, I really couldn’t reliably state what I had done that caused the issue, so I apologise for wasting your time with my ticket without sufficient data.

For now please put this ticket on the back burner, when I start my next job this week will try to record the steps that I took & the order after which the user origin seemed to have changed.


Sounds like you’re using user origin as a reference position. I don’t know if user origin is considered defined without explicitly defining it. I believe it would default to home location on first startup but I don’t know if that’s guaranteed.

I’d suggest explicitly setting the origin and then see if the position changes after that point. If it does then that’s definitely not expected. If, however, you’re saying it’s changing before setting the origin I’m not sure if that’s considered normal or not. I would just assume it’s undefined at that point but can’t say definitively.

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