Lightburn 1.4 w/Longer Ray5 10W Material Test Issue

I have a Ray5 10W laser. My S value number is set to 1000 and it matches the $30. When I run the material test in Lightburn 1.4, [Fill mode] choosing 10 boxes @ 5mm, speed from 1,000 to 10,000, and power from 10% to 100% and run test - with the speed only at 1000 and power at 30%, it’s starts really burning the 3 mm Basswood. When it gets to 40%, and higher power, it burns right through the 3 mm Basswood. What I used to Louisiana Hobby Guy’s greyscale test, it does not burn like the Lightburn material test. Don’t understand that. Plus one other thing. I have my laser on when framing selected - but the laser doesn’t show. Where do I set the power of the laser on framing? Thank you for any kind of help.

What you’re describing sounds like fundamentally different tests so wouldn’t be surprised if you got different results.

I assume this is in mm/min but please confirm. I’m not sure about the limits of your particular laser but it’s possible that you machine isn’t even capable of reaching 10,000 mm/min. If it’s limited to let’s say 6000 mm/min it’s possible you’re not affecting material burn time at all past that speed.

Power and speed of framing is controlled by the settings used in Move window.

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