LightBurn 1.5.01 patch release

LightBurn 1.5.01 patch release

We are aware of a TLS error with certain Windows installations in this release. The issue has been reproduced, and is being addressed. We will update this post as we know more.

Update: It appears there was a missing dependency that caused this communication issue, which has been resolved. Please download from here and install anew.

Latest release: Download / Trial – LightBurn Software

This is a small update to address a single issue: Cached images could flip orientation when reloading, depending on machine origin and the image orientation.

This is the only change in this release, so if you’ve installed 1.5.00 you should update to this version.

If you have files that flipped images, just select them, press H or V to flip horizontally or vertically to correct the orientation, and resave.

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