LightBurn 1.6.00 Release

LightBurn 1.6.00 : User and Vendor Bundles, random orientation for Grid Array, rotatable workspace for GCode devices, and more

LightBurn 1.6.00: User and Vendor Bundles, random orientation for Grid Array, rotatable workspace for GCode devices, and more

This is a relatively minor update, but it includes some new additions we’re very excited about that make transferring settings and device profiles much easier, along with a handful of other new features, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. Read on to learn more!

User Bundles

User Bundles simplify the process of backing up and migrating settings by bundling everything that needs to be moved into a single “.lbzip” file. The interface shows you all of the Settings, Presets, custom Hotkeys, Devices, and Libraries currently on your computer, and allows you to export or import them all in a single operation.

Vendor Bundles

Vendor Bundles work similarly to User Bundles, and give laser manufacturers the ability to create and bundle custom device profiles and Material Libraries to provide to their users.

Grid Array Random Orientation

The new “Random orientation” switch in the Grid Array tool rotates objects in the resulting grid by a randomized amount.

Customizable Workspace Orientation

Users with GCode-based devices can now Swap X/Y output and rotate the orientation of their machine workspace.

Enable this setting and select a new orientation by toggling on the “Swap X/Y output to laser” switch in the Device Settings window (Edit → Device Settings).

Other Notable Additions

  • Added support for GCode-based machines that work in negative coordinates, without the need to set up a workspace offset in the machine’s coordinate system
  • New “Enable” switches for Text and Border options in the Material Test
  • Pressing Ctrl/⌘ enables the drag-dots for corner radius and polygon sides
  • Rotation can now be nudged using the “.” and “,” keys during Live Framing for Galvo devices

The full list of changes and bug fixes appears below:

New Features

  • Added User and Vendor Bundles, Export and Import
  • Pressing Ctrl/ ⌘ enables the drag-dots for corner radius and polyon sides
  • Added ability to rotate workspace for GCode machines (portrait → landscape)
  • Added support for negative workspace for GCode machines
  • Added “Output” switches for Text and Border options in the Material Test
  • Allow “Mirror across line” if the line is a bezier, but straight
  • Added option to clean whole image or just recent passes with 3DSlice on Galvos
  • Shift+Click on “Reset to defaults” in Optimization Settings resets to LightBurn standard defaults
  • External start trigger for galvos will show a status warning if nothing selected or enabled for output
  • Added “Randomize orientation” flag to grid array
  • Added ability to nudge rotation during Galvo framing

Bug Fixes

  • Setting a kerf offset on a sub-layer that wasn’t the last sub would not apply the kerf properly
  • Extremely large decompressed streams (>2Gb) would cause Illustrator files to fail to load
  • Handle different image paddings in PDF files
  • Remember last extension used when saving device specific files (gc, gcode, txt, etc…)
  • Pressing “Frame” on rotary screen for galvos could freeze, or frame incorrectly
  • Galvo lens correction wizard would fail bounds check with lens size smaller than 100 mm
  • If using “Order by Priority” or “Order by Group” with “Angle per Pass”, partitions after the first would get an incorrect number of passes
  • Stroke in exported SVGs wasn’t properly scaled by shape scale
  • Fixed Trocen origin issues
  • Fixed Global Passes not applying Cylinder Projection
  • Don’t show missing Material Libraries in list
  • Clicking the Cut/Copy/Paste toolbar buttons could crash in specific cases
  • DXF import of MTEXT could break if formatting string had mismatched {}'s
  • Rerunning device wizard on existing device could lose settings
  • Fixed broken material thickness entry when working in inches