Lightburn 1.6.03 issue

I just tried updating via the update button in LB. Downloaded the file and opened. It set off all kinds of spam alarms and would not load. Has anyone else had issues. I know it just came out.


Hello Terry

Could you provide a screenshot of the alarms and issues, if possible? It would be immensely helpful for us to see what is going on.

If unsure how to screenshot, please click here: How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Almost certainly a false positive, as only one “heuristic” detection found anything interesting:

Thank you for the fast reply.

Must have been a glitch in the Matrix?? I tried half a dozen times and spam alarm sounded. Just tried again and there were no issues. Not sure what happened. Glad it was no real issue. Thanks again.

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Often a web browser will flag a link as “very few people have downloaded this, so it’s likely bad”. As more people download it, that goes away. We’ve seen this happen before, so I wouldn’t be terribly worried.


Pretty sure this is false positive but I thought I’d post it just in case someone notices something similar. MaxSecure reports Win.MxResIcn.Heur.Gen.