Lightburn 1. and 1.00.01 Bugs Create Array

Windows 10, Ruida Controller

Recently upgraded to 1 then today to .01 thinking that it had the fix that I experienced updating to 1. Create Array feature is bugging out. the patterns created with this feature are non selectable. Once you create them you cannot modify them at all unless you Control Z to delete them. The patterns are multicolored in the screenshot and will not cut. Any help?

You have “Virtual Array” enabled. (Note the link - it is a demonstration video of that new feature).


You can not select as they are virtual, as @Stroonzo shares. If you want to have each copy selectable and independent, non-virtual shapes, turn Off (red) ‘Create Virtual Array’.

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Thanks, I guess they default to turning this on for you. Appreciate clearing that up

The 1.0.01 patch released actually reversed the default state - however since you had already run the tool before it remembers the last one you used, which was the virtual array option. There’s nothing we could do for users who had already touched that without just disabling it for everyone.
But once you uncheck “Create Virtual Array” it will remember that option moving forward.


Thank you, that makes sense. Never experiencing that before ASSumed it was a bug in the update and it is something I use regularly. Appreciate the response.

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