LightBurn 3D Slice on Brass Coins

LightBurn 3D Slice on Brass Coins
JPT 60 watt M7 MOPA 150 mm lens
2000/90%/105kHz/100 ns 0.025 interval 256 passes


As typical, wonderful work…

Do you do any cleanup passes ?

Thanks for including the machine information.

Where do you get these blanks? I’ve been using these blanks from Amazon.


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Thank you
No clean passes
Dremel wire wheel
Then some brass black 3 parts water 1 part brass black (use insulin syringes)
Wait a few minutes untill desired tarnish look
Then 0000 steel wool with light spray of WD 40

Those are slick

Are you processing 3d stl files online to make the grayscale image for 3dslice?

I’m not an artist, so I have to pick things up on-line. Finding a proper 3d grayscale image isn’t an easy feat.


@soniclab Thank you

@jkwilborn …I get them from my FB site
I dont have skill set to make

I love them.

I wish I could find an Idiots guide to doing this. I think I could market them to some of my customers, but I can’t even get started on how to…

Maybe I’m lazy, and haven’t searched hard enough. I may not even have the right gear. JPT 50watt. 110 lens



The texture levels / changes in depth are amazing. I miss my fiber galvo so much.

Good evening my friend, a question. Where do you find the designs?
And those designs can be made with a
Sculpfun S10 with a 10w laser model?

These are done on a fiber laser… it’s capable of engraving into metals…

Here is one similar to mine and @Bulldog


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good morning friend .
oh thank you very much now I understand.