LightBurn 3D Slice on Brass Coins

LightBurn 3D Slice on Brass Coins
JPT 60 watt M7 MOPA 150 mm lens
2000/90%/105kHz/100 ns 0.025 interval 256 passes


As typical, wonderful work…

Do you do any cleanup passes ?

Thanks for including the machine information.

Where do you get these blanks? I’ve been using these blanks from Amazon.


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Thank you
No clean passes
Dremel wire wheel
Then some brass black 3 parts water 1 part brass black (use insulin syringes)
Wait a few minutes untill desired tarnish look
Then 0000 steel wool with light spray of WD 40

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Those are slick

Are you processing 3d stl files online to make the grayscale image for 3dslice?

I’m not an artist, so I have to pick things up on-line. Finding a proper 3d grayscale image isn’t an easy feat.


@soniclab Thank you

@jkwilborn …I get them from my FB site
I dont have skill set to make

I love them.

I wish I could find an Idiots guide to doing this. I think I could market them to some of my customers, but I can’t even get started on how to…

Maybe I’m lazy, and haven’t searched hard enough. I may not even have the right gear. JPT 50watt. 110 lens



The texture levels / changes in depth are amazing. I miss my fiber galvo so much.

Good evening my friend, a question. Where do you find the designs?
And those designs can be made with a
Sculpfun S10 with a 10w laser model?

These are done on a fiber laser… it’s capable of engraving into metals…

Here is one similar to mine and @Bulldog


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good morning friend .
oh thank you very much now I understand.

You can find them on I post mine on there that I create to use on my fiber laser.

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But you want $$$$$$$

Some are paid yes and some I post for free. They take time to model and create. I actually have a new Star Wars Yoda one I’ll be posting for free soon once I finish the design.


Nice, where can i find the Popeye to buy/download?

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These are amazing mate … so talented :clap: