LightBurn 9.10 text box issue

I have an issue with LB 9.10. After a few mods to a project, my text boxes all turned black. I’ve done similar things prior to 9.10 and never saw this issue. I have an image I’m engraving and all I have been doing is changing power settings and speeds between runs.


Thank you, Joel, for posting this as we have not seen this prior to this report. Have you been able to reproduce this? What exact steps? What were you doing exactly, just prior to seeing this behavior? Looking for any information that might help us reproduce in-house.

Does the UI restore upon restart of LightBurn? Shift-launch will bypass the window restore and should reset and present a default layout. Does this correct your view? How about after a system cold start? I see you are working with a L.O. T9 controller. What OS and version are you using on that system?

I’ve only ever seen that on rare occasions when a window fails to re-paint properly. I would say reboot Windows and see if it happens again. In my past as a video game developer I’ve seen that happen occasionally if graphics memory gets nearly consumed or heavily fragmented.

@Rick where do you capture L.O. T9? With LB I have only been running a Ruida 6445G, I moved from a T9 just to run LB ( T9 was not supported at the time ). This was the first time I saw this. Can’t trace the steps, was just random changes. Maybe the only thing I did different was to add a second graphic and assign it to it’s own layer. Though I have done other multi layer projects before.

@Rick and @Oz - restarting LB did clear it up. I’ll just keep going and see if it happens again.

Edit - found the T9 in my profile, now updated.



I swear it was not an assumption. :wink: I thought I saw it in your Forum Profile. Did you edit it?

Anyway, I see you now!

LOL yes, just now.

OK, I had this happen again. Seems to occur when my screen saver goes off. Graphics turn off, but the system is set not to sleep. When I wake the monitors back up, the text boxes are black. Refresh, minimize to maximize does not force a proper redraw…

Oddly, I minimized the LB window again to do something else. When I maximized it again ( probably about the third try ) and was minimized for a couple minutes this last time, the LB window redrew properly.


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