Lightburn. 9.20 free trial version

Hi all new here looking for a bit help
Running lightburn trial version on my pc Running Windows 10

I have found that some of the drop down window controls do not put the display boxes up on my pc but if I come out of lightburn then open it again the control box is there and open …

Ie camera control …move control do not open but if I tick box for them then exit lightburn and re run it the boxes are there and open …

Any help welcome

Sorry, but help with what :slight_smile: I do not see a question here.

When I am running lightburn and I tick the box for camera control it dose not open some time this means I have to exit lightburn but when I reopen it control panel is there have I got to set it up to open…

Open windows are saved and then restored after restarting LightBurn. Now that you have the Camera window open and restarted LightBurn, is the Camera window restored when you restart LightBurn?

Yes but if I shut it down as it comes up on my left hand side of the screen when I need to open a file if I then reopen it sometimes it will not open

I am sorry, but your response is confusing as I do not know where a sentence starts and ends.

If English is not your native language, feel free to type in your most comfortable language, and we can translate on this end.

The windows in LightBurn can be dragged to a new location, docked or combined into an existing docked window to become one of the ‘Tabbed’ windows. I show all 3 examples below. The state of the window arrangement should be restored as they were when you closed LightBurn.


Docked alone:

Set in another ‘Tabbed’ window that is docked.

Pic 2 is how it is on my laptop apart from the fact it covers all of the top left hand side of the screen.

Try restarting LightBurn while holding the Shift key - this resets the window layout completely.

What is the resolution of your display?

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