Lightburn acting sluggish after adding webcam

Recently I added a webcam to lightburn and the few times I have used it since it has been not working as smoothly as it used to be. For my laser/lightburn I am using a pretty weak computer but wasn’t having this trouble before using the webcam. Has this issue happened with anyone else or is just the process of lightburn with the webcam too much for the pc I have with it?


Which capture system setting are you using?


The ‘Custom’ setting makes use of the graphics card to do a bunch of the processing required, so it takes less horsepower to use it. Streaming, decompressing, and displaying the data from the camera is a somewhat intensive task, and more so if you have it set to ‘Default Capture System’ - that one is using older tech and uses the main processor to do all the work.

Hi Oz thank you for getting back to me. At the moment it is set to custom camera system with the camera resolution greyed out but says highest resolution. I tried changing camera view to black and white but still shows in color, I’m guessing that has more to do with the webcam I am using than lightburn.

The machine I have doesn’t have a video card do you think picking up one of those very cheap ones would help with this situation?

The preview is always in color - only the background capture shows B&W with that setting.

The computer likely has integrated graphics, but that would likely still provide some processing. What is the resolution of the camera?

You can also just select ‘None’ in the camera drop down to stop the feed when not in use, and that should help a lot.

Ah ok I thought the preview might get turned into b&w which would lessen the processing power needed.

The computers Integrated graphics is an AMD Radeon R2.

I had noticed that selecting ‘none’ would stop the feed which then would have the computer not slow down some.

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